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Kingdom of Caid: Regalia

-          In need of Repair

o       There are a handful of items belonging to the kingdom that can use a little love and upkeep. A list here will be forth coming.

-          New Items the Kingdom Needs

o       There are items that the kingdom is in need of. If one of the items on the list below is something that you or your group would like to make or assist in making, please provide back the information within the BID FORM attached here and return it to Lady Iseabail nee Bhatar, Deputy Seneschal of Regalia , (  She will contact you back with additional information, questions, or authorization.

o       BID FORM  (coming soon)

-          Gift Policy

o       If you are planning gifts for the Kingdom or personal gifts for TRM, please make sure to have a Kingdom Herald check any heraldic design for correctness. Spending lots of time making a beautiful gift to discover you have the wrong number of crescents or petals is a terrible thing!

o       If the gift is personal to TRM please include their colors, initials, or heraldry, otherwise anything just with the Kingdom Arms would belong to the Kingdom. Again check with a kingdom level herald to make sure that design elements are period or SCA correct.

o       Please check TRM’s wish list or the Needs of Caid listing if you wish to make something and need an idea!


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