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Kingdom of Caid: Regalia
The Crowns



Looking at the History Pages photos for past monarchs, you will see the First Crowns of Caid. A circlet with a Large Crescent in the front and three additional smaller ones. These are retired and in storage. Shown at special events. The Prince and Princess coronets had a single crescent in front.

Old (updated)

These were first used at the Coronation of Jason I and Natalya I. They were made by Master Ambros Celidonis. They are still in use if the monarchs choose to wear them. The Dolphin and Roses are gold. The Kings crown has the words "YOU RULE BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE". The Queens crown has the words "FOR LOVE HONOUR AND BEAUTY".


Prince and Princess (updated)


The Scepters where brought to Caid from the Principality of An Tir and were first used in Caid by Prince Balan and Princess Lorissa.

These are used during the coronation ceremony of the King and Queen.

The Laurels of Caid are currently designing new ones for the Kingdom.

  • Court Cloaks
  • Field Cloaks

    Surcoats / Fighting Gear
  • King's Fighting Tunic
  • Queen's Fighting Tunic

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